DF55 Series Centrifugal Fan
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DF55 Series Centrifugal Fan

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Product description
  1. Large air flow, middle and low pressure。
  2. Impeller composed of plate blade, with high efficiency and strength.
  3. Widely used in energy and chemical industry, steelmaking dust exhausting, non-ferrous metal industry, air drumming and inducing for circulating fluidized bed boiler, especially suitable for power station boiler blowing, pressure increasing and combustion-supporting in steel factories, and cement kiln ventilation; alse used for common ventilation of factory buildings, civil buildings, large public buildings, power plants and mine.
  4. Model:8# - 20#.
  5. Air volume: 9100 - 270300 m3/h.
  6. Total pressure range: 680 - 10340 Pa.
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